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What You Should Know About Copywriting

Copywriting is a very well-paid and lucrative field for those who know how to write to sell. Although some companies may choose a copywriter who can not only write the text for advertising content but also create the designs, in larger ad agencies, the copywriter works with the artist to develop text to fit in with the designs. If you are able to do both text copy and design development of brochures, catalogs and other advertising materials, you will never have to worry about being out of work.
Some advertising agencies will hire copywriters that work only for that company, but the majority of copywriters are freelancers who sell their services to the clients who hire them. This is the preferred method because it allows the copywriter to set his or her own rates and choose the turnaround time that is comfortable. A good copywriter can earn as much as $50 per hour just to write the text for advertising campaigns although many copywriters choose to charge by the project rather than by the hour.
Another type of copywriting that is probably easier for most people and appeals to a larger audience is the sales letter. These are those annoying letters that we get in the mail or email that attempt to convince us to buy a particular product. It may be insurance, real estate and even a plot at the cemetery and the copywriter has to know how to appeal to the target audience in the sales letter. Sometimes the sales letters accompany something you are already buying and have the intention to convince you as a buyer that each of your family and friends needs to have one.
Depending on your level of knowledge and talent, you may need to take a course in copywriting. If you already know how to write ad copy and sales letter, you may not need to spend the time or money on a copywriting course. On the other hand, if you need help learning how to develop sales letters that are going to sell products or how to format the text to go along with the designer’s work, you may find a copywriting course helpful. You do not HAVE to take a course, however; it depends on you and the needs of the clients you are trying to service. If you go to work for an advertising agency, you will more than likely have to either take a copywriting course or have extensive experience.
If you are a good salesperson, you should probably have an easy time learning how to write ad copy. That doesn’t mean you have to enjoy selling anything but rather that you enjoy the concept of showing people why they should buy a particular product or service and have a natural talent for convincing people why they just have to buy what you are selling. You are representing the company but you have to be able to write the sales letters and other advertising material as though you work for the company and are selling those products and services.

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