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Translating Your Book to Different Languages

Marketing your book within the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia is often the first step. But, with the Internet as a tool for you to use, translating your book into different languages is also an option you have. Translation into various languages can be complete by anyone, including the publisher you are contracting with, or yourself, depending on the type of publishing and the contracts you have for the work.
It is often a good idea to meet with a publisher to discuss the need for and the benefit of translating the book into several other languages. The publisher, if you have one, can help you make decisions about how beneficial this move can be to your book. For example, if your book is on making money from home, a worldwide audience can be your target, but it will do well in areas where this is possible and the programs you include in the book are available. Through brainstorming, and research, the publisher can determine which other areas may benefit from your book.
For those who do not have a publisher, perhaps are using self publishing as their method of getting their product out, there is a growing need to look for third parties to do the translation work for you. Bidding websites and translators running their own companies are available throughout the web in a variety of languages for every continent on the planet. When choosing them, it is often essential to consider their skill level. For example, if the translation will be from English to Spanish, a person living in Spain or Mexico (depending on the dialect you’ve selected) will be usable. They not only speak the language but speak regularly used phrases and information, unlike some who may only know book Spanish and therefore may have their wording come off obscured.
The cost of translating books varies widely from translator to translator. For those working with a publisher, they may have in house professionals to handle the translation process. The quality of the translation is essential, and if you do not speak the secondary language, having an appropriate editor who does can help to insure the quality is met. There can be problems with grammar or usage from one dialect to another. For example, South American Portuguese is different from Portugal’s language, yet fundamentally they are the same. Having an editor who is able to insure the needs of both are correct and met is essential.
Book translation of a third party book, such as one you have found in another language and translated to your own, can be done if you would like. The author of the book and the publisher must receive notification directly and permission for the translation is necessary before you undertake this process of translation.
For many genres, book translating is one of the best ways to further promote a book, including taking it from a national best seller to a worldwide best seller.

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