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Publishing trends say a lot about the way that people are using books and other published works in their daily lives. Since people, the consumer, set the ebb and flow of profit for publishing companies, it is common that they will also control the way that publishers produce products. Since book publishing first came to be, there has been a drastic number of differences to happen, including technological advances. Yet, perhaps the modern time is where the most trends can be seen.
Increase in Ebooks
On publishing trend that is likely to continue is the popularity of eBooks. EBooks, or electronic books, will continue to sell well and may even one day sell better than traditional print books. Leading retailer, Amazon, has produced an electronic device called the Kindle which allows you to download the eBooks of your choice (after purchase) and take them with you to read. This has increased just how easy it is to take advantage of eBooks.
Website Communications
Another trend that continues to grow is the importance of websites. It is likely that large and small publishers will work through websites for some or all of their communication. They may allow potential authors to submit works through the web contact forms and they may promote more books in this form tool. They will use the web more readily for acquiring books.
Customizable Books
Another publishing trend to keep looking for is the growth in the demand for customized books, or books that are able to be specialized according to the buyer’s needs. For example, print on demand books will continue to do well. You may even find that personal projects, such as buyer generated photo books, will grow in demand. Publishers are catering to a larger group of people, all of which are interested in buying books online. Make your own books, as they are called, are becoming popular too.
Gadgets Make Sense
Not only does the device of the Kindle offer an outstanding media application, but companies like Apple will continue the trend. They are working on publishing trends too, including allowing people to download their books to their iPhone or iPod to take with them. The company will need to work with developers to work out the process as there is a large difference in the content and merchandising of books than there is for songs.
Buy from Publishers
Perhaps the most unique of all of the publishing trends set to happen is the fact that some publishers will in fact sell directly to the buyer now. Using their websites, and other forms of marketing, they will skip the retailers and sell books, eBooks and other published works directly to the consumer. This should help increase the sales they receive as sales for books are likely to remain lower.
Publishing trends change often and there is no telling what the next big change will be. Nevertheless, there are outstanding opportunities for authors, agents, editors and publishers within the online world specifically.

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