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Comic Book Publishing

When authors and creative artists come together, magical things can happen. Comic book publishing is one of those magical things. This type of creative work is perhaps the most commonly known type of art on paper, and yet it is also a very lucrative career for those who are interested in it. Publishing a comic book can be done through established publishers, but this is very difficult. If you pick up your favorite comic book, look at the publisher. You may want to submit a few samples of your work to see if they will bite. If not, consider self publishing.
Self publishing your comic book can be highly profitable, especially if it takes off. Publishers who offer this service do so because they know that good writers are out there who aren’t well known. Most larger publishing houses won’t accept and print the first works of artists or authors simply because there is an increased risk in doing so. Rather, it is important to consider publishing your comic book yourself.
Making Yourself Known
As you start your comic book publishing career, consider what part of the process fits you best. Coloring, penciling and inking are three very distinct areas of the comic book publishing genre. Know where you stand and what you can offer to the mix. Comic book editors are always looking for a good story, but they are also looking for quality. For example, you have to be good at sequential story telling to fit within this niche. You also should be able to draw convincing cityscapes, that should have at least somewhat of a realistic flare to them. Plus, you need to be able to convey emotions and drama within the faces of the characters you draw.
If you do consider self publishing, get some help. If you want to be the writer on these stories, then find others to do the drawing work for you. Still others can handle the coloring and even the letterer for those who need this level of attention to detail. Usually, comic books should be in the range of 30 pages, and the editing process should include both a look at the graphics and the wording.
Self publishing will require a good budget to start with. The first issues may need to be 10,000 copies, for example, if it will hit both direct market and newsstand distributions. If you plan to sell it online yourself, this is a good way to get the comic book started without having to worry about the costs being so high. Selling your work online is a possibility and can be lucrative, especially once you connect with others.
Comic book publishing is much like publishing any other work, but with more added features. Here, the author and the artist must mesh ideas and concerns so that the finished product is one that works well for both of them. Comic book publishers can connect you to the other team members you need and guide you through the process from start to finish.

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