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Christian Faith Publishing

As a Christian Publisher, we understand that your labor is more than a book. It is unique, personal and was written with a dutiful higher purpose. Christian Faith Publishing looks to publish books with positive content in all genres. To us, your work is essential in the espousal of faith-based and moralistic literature; which is why we partner with our authors to provide them with freedom and flexibility throughout the publishing process. We are selective in our approach because we deliver personal care and national marketing exposure to each title we publish through a short-term, affordable monthly installment plan which is to be recovered by you the author from book sale proceeds before we are entitled to any royalty compensation whatsoever!


  1. Copy-editing and proofreading – Our editors will scour your book for grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies.
  2. Typesetting and eBook conversion – We’ll format your book into both a professional printed layout and a digital publication, or eBook.
  3. Marketing and publicity – We’ll get the word out for your book through book reviews, online promotion and more.
  4. Distribution and royalty management – Our distribution team will make sure bookstores have fresh copies of your book and our accountants make sure you receive every penny that you are due.



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Client Testimonials


"I am so glad that I chose Page Publishing over other options. I have been very appreciative of all the help, suggestions, and patience that you have shown me while publishing my first book. Thank you all!" - Carol Elek

"I thought publishing my book would be a difficult task. I was lucky enough to find Page Publishing. From the first phone call to Page I felt like they my best interest in mind. Even more importantly, they had my book’s best interest in mind. They have given me the drive to write another and another. I know that once the work of writing is done they will be there to navigate through the challenges of “getting my book out.” Thank you to all at Page Publishing for your help and guidance in this very pleasurable endeavor. You made it fun." - Dean L. Scarpa

"I would like to thank Page Publishing for helping me get my very first book “Play on Words” printed and published. I would personally like to thank my Publication Coordinator for all of her feedback, emails, and calls to keep me up-to-date with the entire process! I hope that this is just the beginning of a long working relationship with Page Publishing and great things to come!" - Melvin Williams Jr

"Getting together with Page Publishing was the best thing I have ever done. They worked with me through the whole process. I couldn’t ask for better. They made my dreams come true. I just can’t believe I have my book out in the world for people to read. I will always be so grateful to Page Publishing for every thing. You are the greatest. Thank you." - Shannon Ranow


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